Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keeping my cool - venting

People warned me about the addictive nature of greenhouses.  Only now, am I beginning to understand.  It is so pleasant in there... and warm.  Mmmm!

Melbourne is doing its 'Spring thing', with lots of fluctuating temperatures and sudden changes.  One day it may be warm and sunny with a top temperature in the high 20s or the low 30s (Celcius).  Or it can be like Wednesday, cool, damp and drizzly with a top temperature of 17 degrees.

However, the Fat Fruit Greenhouse is able to iron out the bumps in the weather.  I have a thermometer in there and the temperature, during the days, has been steady in the mid to high 20s...lovely for growing.  The soil in the pots is noticeably warm to the touch.

When it begins to heat up I can open the vent which runs the full length of the house roof.  This can easily be lifted by pulling a chain. See, in the picture below, it is open?

If it is an even hotter day, there are a series of vents along the top of the walls, under the eaves.  I can flip these open by hand, and they are held up with a magnetized catch.  The double door can be slid completely open or just cracked a fraction.

By operating the vents and the door,  the temperature in the greenhouse can be adjusted quite quickly.

And that's not all, there aren't any steak knives...
but there are two cord operated, shade-cloth, blinds.  
On sunny days, to cut back on the radiant heat, 
these can be pulled all the way or part of the way across the roof.  

As it was cool yesterday,  
the blinds stayed open, and the vents stayed shut.  

I checked the temperature in there several times,
and it was a balmy 23 to 26 degrees each time.

Just perfect for the gardener to have a little rest, 
with a cup of tea and a gardening magazine.
It is a hard life,
but someone has to do it.


  1. Hazel, when I come to live there, can my room be in the greenhouse?

    Do you think I might grow?

    ps your greenhouse ROCKS!

  2. Ooh - I think I have greenhouse envy now. Maybe I can fit one on the roof of the carport...

  3. I've seen lots of roof style but so far, this is the coolest and nicest idea for a greenhouse roof. It can be adjusted depending on the weather you have. Thanks for sharing, Hazel!