Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tomatoes and our first food from the greenhouse!

I am so disappointed with these photos.
They do not do justice to the tomato. 
You can sort of tell how tall it is
by the size of the chair.

Not only is it is strong!
Look at the girth of those stems.

Here is the one in the garden (they are both grafted Grosse Lisse).
This one is doing very well for a tomato
at this time of the year in Melbourne.
However, it is only half the size of the one in the greenhouse.

This one is climbing
up the racks.

There are three
BroadRipple tomatoes
in this basket.
I had planned to take two out
and plant them outside...
but I ran out of time.

We ate some of the salad greens 
from the polystyrene box last night.  
The first food 
from the 
Fat Fruit greenhouse.  


  1. Oh, Hazel, I'm so excited to find your blog. I'm always on the lookout for blogs with a greenhouse to see what others grow, how they grow it and what works. Your shading and venting mechanisms are superb!

    Here in the US we're getting ready for winter as you move into summer. I have mesclun to eat. Otherwise it's flowers in anticipation of spring planting-out of what I can keep over winter.

  2. That tomato plant is huge. I hope you get tons of produce from the greenhouse and garden plants.

  3. Well done you!!!! That tom plant is humungus! Let's hope for fruit equally gigantic! LOVE the greenhouse. Can't wait to get one! lol x