Thursday, November 10, 2011

It works!

Look at the clever greenhouse cucumber.
It is starting to climb the trellis.
And look...

it is already holding on.

Compare this with the other cucumber - 
in the same potting mix, but outside...

...and the poor little sod in the veggie patch.  
I hope this one is at least developing some fabulous roots.

 Here are some mixed salad plants grown from seed.
The first one is in the greenhouse, and the second outside.

This one isn't as easy to see.
It is the black pearl chilli.
The first photo is an early one 
taken a couple of days after I potted it up.

You can judge the size better in this photo. 
It is the pot on the right on the middle shelf.
The one with the blue tag.

I think it has put on about four sets of leaves...
doubled its size in fact.
Check out all those lateral shoots too.

We had a very warm weekend after a week of cool, overcast weather.  
It is always warmer in the greenhouse, even on very cloudy days.  
The temperature in there has been in the mid-20s to 30 C.
On the hot days, with the vents open and the blinds pulled, 

the temperature was in the high 30s.

Below top - 25th October
Below bottom - 10th November
(note the hanging basket)

You just wait till I show you the tomatoes, next week.
A hint:  WOW!


  1. Hazel, at this time of year, why would the cucumbers be doing better in the greenhouse rather than out? Because it's warmer inside? How warm is too warm though? It has been scorching here for the past few days, and haven't your temperatures been high enough?

  2. Oh,my dear Ali...I live in VICTORIA! Doesn't that mean something to you? We have had a few days over 30, but it has been wet and cool...the cucumbers are loving the extra warmth of the greenhouse. The greenhouse, sort of evens out the extremes. Maybe later in the season, when we have our high Summer temps, there won't be as big a difference. But the ones in the greenhouse will have had a head start and be bounding ahead by then. I am hoping they will fruit earlier and that the outside ones will come on board me a longer harvest period.

  3. Wow, what a difference! The seed germination rate is phenomenal in the GH. Goes to show what a few extra degrees does!

  4. I'd love a greenhouse...

    Today I snapped many of my beans, trying to replace a rotting trellis! Boo hooooooo so sad

    Can you tell me what you bought at diggers? I have no idea what the darn thing is that is producing berries and I wonder if I could eat them. They look like the ones you bought I think?


  5. Wow, fab post! I'm SO jealous of your greenhouse. Am DEFINITELY going to have one at our new house. May have to forfeit a new dishwasher and/or TV but it'll be worth it (not sure my DH and kids will agree tho.....) x