Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some very early results

There is a marked difference in the three cucumbers.
This may be due to individual plant differences.
However, I thought it was worth sharing.

The plant: Cucumber - Crystal apple.

GREENHOUSE:  Potting Mix Formula # 4
Next set of leaves out with strong buds visible for next set.
The stems are straight and strong.

 OUTSIDE POT: Potting Mix Formula # 4

Next set of leaves beginning...
but not as advanced. Stems not as erect as GH one.


This one was a little bigger to begin with,
and is at the same stage as the GREENHOUSE one.
However, the snails have dined on the first of the true leaves
and the leaves are not as green as the ones in the pots.

All three, received an application of seaweed extract on Friday.

Not vast differences, but differences nonetheless...
and enough to excite this old 'scientist'.


  1. and when gardening it the small difference that matter .the best start the seedlings get the better,they get a stronger better start to the outside world,so more resistant to bugs, and you save money because your not having to buy more because the bigs have chewed on em.

  2. Oh I'm now immeasurably jealous. All three of my cucumbers were decimated by bugs before they even had a chance for form the first of the true leaves. I've just started again - this time applying your plant more than you need policy, with some in the garden and some in the seed trays.