Thursday, October 13, 2011

Setting up #1

Oh, I am such a dreamer sometimes.

I imagined Daniel delivering my Fat Fruit Greenhouse...
and me swanning into it, with armloads of pots and plants.
The plants were already large, lush and dripping with flowers and fruit.


The reality is a lot more down and dirty...
and there aren't even any plants yet!

First off, I had to cement the legs in so the greenhouse stays put.

Then I put bricks under the edge of the walls and laid a path...
mulch over newspaper.

As usual, I had help,  of course.

The path will go all the way around the greenhouse... 
for ease of maintenance and as a buffer to encroaching grass.

I have decided to go with just one of the three tiered benches 
at this stage with an in ground garden bed along the north wall.  

It bodes well for my future greenhouse gardening success, 
that the grass inside is already much longer than outside.

I think my dream will come true
but it may take a little while.

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  1. I'm SO jealous! I'm desperate for a greenhouse but we're planning to move in the near future so I'm going to wait until we're settled in our new house & garden. Had a greenhouse in the UK and LOVED it. Have fun with yours and good luck! lol x