Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meet my Greenhouse!

I am getting a greenhouse!
That's right, a new greenhouse!

 *turning somersaults, 
doing hand stands and backflips, 
jumping off the table and screaming*

Many of you will know of my ongoing lust for a greenhouse.

And this is not just ANY OLD greenhouse!

It is a 

It is made locally
by a young man who has begun his own company.
He's full of the sap of youth, wonderful ideas
and enthusiasm...just like me (except for the sap part).

Mine will be bigger than this.

It looks like a traditional glasshouse
but in place of glass it has AET panels
(the same stuff they have in those folding, shop shutters)
supported by a galvanised frame
making it 250 times stronger than glass.

Daniel, assures me it will be
To prove it, he sent me this photo.

Mmmm, we'll see about goats
are no barefoot boys!

Daniel, bless his soul, is giving it to me!
Free!  Well almost.
We have an arrangement where I will
work off the cost of the greenhouse.

I will be bending your collective ears
with the drama and excitement 
of my journey to find out what I can grow
in the greenhouse and when I can grow it.

I will also be writing vegetable profiles and gardening info
for Daniel's web page over the next year.

I don't even have to go into work...
Daniel has introduced me to The Cloud.
Walking on air, I am!

Isn't that the best news!
If you are in Melbourne, you can check out 
Daniel and his Fat Fruit Greenhouses
 at the Royal Melbourne Agricultural Show.

Please mention my name, 
so that he knows he is really getting something
for his faith in me!

Oh, and DO NOT touch the greenhouse on display...
this is the one that will be 
making its way to my garden 
when the show over!

Oooo!  Is that applause I hear in blogland?

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