Thursday, December 29, 2011

More than just 'green'!

You would expect to see green in a GREEN-house...
this photo is taken from the outside.  
That's a watermelon vine plotting an escape...

...and the GREEN leaves of the cantaloupe which is threatening a take-over.

But there are other colours too.  
Like the MAUVE of the eggplant/aubergine flower...


... the YELLOW of the ripening Broad Ripple tomatoes.

 The BLACK Pearl Chilli is living up to its name.

 ...and the excitement of ORANGE 
on a ripening Grosse Lisse tomato.  
The first for the season.

And my favourite...RED!  
(This one has already been eaten...sweet!)

But not to worry, the WHITE and GREEN in these photos 
give promise of more to come.



  1. Its a rainbow house, not a green house... :)

  2. Are those still growing there in the greeenhouse? Which zone do you live in? wow! My hubby also made a greenhouse for me and I am also trying to grow something there, but I am new and this is my first time :-)