Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fat fruit in the Fat Fruit!

 I went away for three weeks and left the greenhouse and garden in the hands of someone who is definitely not a gardener.  She managed to keep everything alive.  Some of the plants in the greenhouse were not so green or so lush on my return.  However, check these babies out!

One capsicum is blushing...
and there are more on the way...

...and the tomatoes growing and beginning to ripen.

To have tomatoes this mature at this time of the year 
in my climate is very unusual.
As for the capsicums...they usually take until 
well into January to even set fruit. 
So to have them ripening already 
is nothing short of amazing.

I love my
Fat Fruit Greenhouse!

1 comment:

  1. Green peppers in the midst of winter. No, wait. It's early spring there and as you said, hardly even time for fruit to be setting. Great show.