Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Polystyrene Palace

The Fat Fruit greenhouse is full of veggies and seedlings growing quickly and vigorously.

I have planted quite a few things in polystyrene boxes.  They seem to be working well and the soil remains damp for up to two days. 
 Some are fruit boxes, but the ones pictured below came from a chemist.  They had no holes so I punched some in the side of the boxes about 2 cms up from the bottom in the hope that they would drain, but also maintain some moisture to 'wick' up through the potting mix.
There are various varieties of, orange, and brown.

Lots of leaves...rocket, oakleaf lettuce (red and green), silver beet, and a box of 'mixed leaves'.

Where I live, I would be just planting out tomatoes.
In the greenhouse they are as tall as my shoulder, flowering and setting fruit!

The eggplants are thriving.

And there are more seedlings to pot up, or plant out in the garden.

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  1. Goodness what a fantastic jungle.....Everything looks so green and healthy no doubt about it Hazel you have a very green thumbs!!!