Thursday, March 1, 2012

The smell

When I went in to water in the Fat Fruit Greenhouse yesterday, my nose was assailed by an unmistakable smell...

ripe melon!

It was so ripe, it had begun to split.
Inside it was juicy, sweet and full of flavour.

 Unfortunately, it was a bit on the small size.  There is a lesson to be learned for the gardener here.  There were two melon plants in a large pot. Although well watered, they were not often fed.  Pollinators had trouble finding the flowers inside the greenhouse.

So next time I will:

  • Have one plant to a pot
  • Feed weekly with fish emulsion and seaweed extract (alternate weeks)
  • Get to work with a small paint brush to pollinate the flowers.

1 comment:

  1. Fair play to you. That does look very juicy and I can imagine the lovely smell :) A full seaweed fertiliser is a brilliant boost for the greenhouse. I recommend the paint brush pollinating as I do the same each year with my chillies and it works perfect.